Colonial ddc, LLC.


Colonial ddc offers a complete line of Christmas foliage, including trees, wreaths, garlands, sprays, and arrangements, in any color or combination of colors; incandescent or LED lights are available in colors or clear white. Size, shape, design, and theme are limited only by your needs and preferences. Your Christmas foliage can be supplied fully decorated and opened, ready to go directly from the box to your store’s interior with limited time and labor.   


Depending on quantity and cost, we can source production locally or overseas; overseas production is brought in on container ships and can be delivered to your locations or made available to you in the port, where you can make your own pickup and control distribution from there. 


We are a full-service supplier, and can adapt to your requirements and budget, no matter how large or small. We offer custom concepts and design, including complete rendering and prototypes to help you visualize your presentation throughout the process. We will work with you to make sure your final design is what you envisioned, and not just what was available at the time.